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Page d'accueil de la Fondation Sciences Mathématiques de Paris

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  • A BDD management library

  • DC2SDX: A Translator from DC to SynDEx

  • HFE: Some HFE cryptosystem related software

  • LTL 2 BA: Fast translation from LTL formulae to Buchi automata

  • ParsiNet: PARSing Interface for NETworks

  • Semigroupe: A program for computing finite semigroups

  • TReX: A Tool for Reachability Analysis of CompleX Systems

  • PRESS: Analysis of Process Rewrite Systems

  • SPADE: Verification of Multithreaded Dynamic and Recursive Programs

  • CINV: A tool providing several abstract domains for generating invariants on singly linked lists with numerical contents

  • PuMoC: A CTL Model Checker for Sequential Programs

  • GasTeX: Graphs and Automata Simplified in TeX

  • Vaucanson-G: A package for drawing automata and graphs
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